Suggested Gifts for a 70 Year Old Woman

Updated June 13, 2017

Whether for a birthday, holiday or simple "thank you", gifts are way to let someone know they're being thought of. When gifting a 70-year-old woman, keep in mind her lifestyle and personality. Is she active, creative or adventurous? Bear in mind that by this time in her life, she is likely to respond more to heartfelt gifts than ultra expensive ones.

For the Home

If she's the kind of woman who loves to spend time at home, wrap up a cosy pair of fleece-lined slippers, some herbal teas and the latest novel or movie to make an "evening in" kit. If she is unable to get out much because of health issues, consider a home delivery service of prepared meals. Many cities have companies that specifically provide this service or you can arrange it with a local coffee shop or delicatessen.

Travel Journal

If she's constantly taking trips to exotic places after her retirement, give her a beautiful travel journal to record all her memories and store her ticket stubs, photos, programs and postcards. Travel journals come in many different styles and prices and are available bound in paper, fabric or leather.

The Gardener

Now that she has time to stop and smell the flowers, help her grow a beautiful garden. Get her an assortment of seeds, along with a good pair of gardening gloves and a few tools. Choose flowering seeds for a fragrant bouquet or herbs if she likes to cook.

Memory Scrapbook

Ask friends and family to donate their best pictures and turn a lifetime of fond memories into the ultimate scrapbook. Ask friends and family to contribute quotes and remembrances. If she has grandchildren, ask them to draw pictures of their favourite times with Grandma and include them in the book.


If she is always impeccably dressed, get her a beautiful strand of freshwater pearls. Pearls offer classic elegance and go with every occasion--from dinner out with family to Sunday church services to tea with good friends. Freshwater pearls are more budget friendly than the South Seas variety, but still have a good lustre and come in a range of colours from white and pink to black. Choose a classic choker or a funky long strand that she can double up.

Donate to Her Favorite Charity

Many organisations allow you to purchase a tree or adopt a child in someone's name. If she has a charity she's passionate about, donate in her name. If you adopt a wild animal, village or child in her name, most organisations will send her a photo and story on how the donation is being used. For example, Save the Children allows you to sponsor a child in a country of your choosing and The Grand Canyon Association offers an Adopt-a-Lion Program, where you can adopt a mountain lion for as little as £16.


Of all the things you may get her, the most meaningful would probably be time spent with you. Take her out to a lovely lunch at her favourite restaurant, treat her to the latest movie or accompany her on a stroll in the park. If she is not feeling well, stop by her house or apartment and bring a healthy snack. If there is some light housework such as dishes or dusting, offer to do it for her.

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