Interior Parts of a Church

Updated February 21, 2017

A church is an important part of the community. Marriages, funerals and worship services are conducted regularly in churches all over the world. There are some variations among denominations in church architecture and design, in both the exterior and interior parts of a church, but you'll find many of the same elements in all churches.


The foyer or lobby is the area where church greeters welcome worshippers and guests into the sanctuary. The foyer is usually the first room one enters when coming into the church. Some churches ask guests to fill out visitor forms in this area. An information table or booth may also be located here to direct people to appropriate areas within the church building.


The sanctuary is an auditorium where the congregation is seated. In this large room is the pulpit, usually a raised area, where pastors deliver their sermons. The altar, at which churchgoers can kneel and pray, is located at the front of the church. Behind the pulpit or podium there may be a choir loft, where choir members stand to sing hymns. The baptistery is the part of the church used for baptisms, with the area often containing a small tub or basin used for baptism ceremonies. Large churches may also have an orchestra pit in the sanctuary, usually located near the podium and the choir loft.


After the offering is taken, church ushers retire to the ushers office. In this room, the ushers count and record the offerings in a ledger or on a computer. Church attendance records are also kept in this office. This room is utilised only by ushers and pastoral staff members The pastor's personal office is located in the church as well. In this room the pastor prepares sermons, counsels individuals and performs administrative tasks.

Green Room

A church may have a "green room," typically a comfortable room that guest speakers and other pastors can utilise prior to or after speaking from the podium.


Classrooms are often contained inside the church building. Some churches hold Sunday School classes prior to the Sunday worship service. A section of this room, or another classroom, where children are grouped by age, may be used for arts and crafts related to religious studies.


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