Weird Inventions Ideas for Kids

Written by aya pauli
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Weird invention ideas for kids help keep the learning process interesting. By engaging kids with creativity, reasoning skills, problems-solving skills and physical activity, you ensure an enjoyable experience. The inventions can focus on any general subject including mechanics, engineering, gravity, buoyancy and motion. Let the kids use trial and error to perfect their inventions. If any of the kids become frustrated, remind them that even the world's most-famous inventors had problems and failures with their ideas.

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Balloon Motion

Vehicles that use the air from a balloon for motion are a science-fair favourite when it comes to weird invention ideas for kids. The invention activity works best with older kids. Have the kids think of different cars, trucks, aeroplanes and other transportation designs. Let them figure out a way to attach a filled balloon to the vehicle so that as the air escapes from the balloon, it makes the vehicle move.

Egg Protection

Another favourite weird invention idea for kids is the classic egg protection invention. This activity has kids build a container that can keep an egg from breaking when dropped on a hard surface. To keep the project challenging, limit the amount of stuffing the kids can use. It's too easy to protect an egg with a bunch of cotton balls. Make the kids think of different ways to protect the egg, such as incorporating frames, springs and other cushioning techniques.

Musical Instrument

Create new musical instruments for a weird invention idea for kids. Have the kids think about creating sound using different ways and unique materials. For example, older kids can use a screwdriver and knife to poke a horizontal hole through a potato. Give the potato a few vertical air holes and you have a "tater tooter" flute. Younger kids can experiment with putting different objects in a box to create their own musical "shaker" rattle.

Silly Machine

Silly machines are popular weird invention ideas for kids. The point of the invention is to take a simple task, such as putting toothpaste on a toothbrush, and turn it into a complicated process. Older kids should think of an invention that puts the paste on the brush using several silly steps. For example, they could set up a row of books that knock over a heavy book that pushes on the toothpaste and makes some squirt onto a brush.

Younger children are usually unable to build silly machines that actually work. However, young kids can use cardboard, tape, paper and markers to create a silly looking machine with a silly purpose. They can then use their imaginations to explain how the machine works to distribute toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Veggie Catapult

Weird invention ideas for kids that catapult vegetables into the air are amusing to any veggie-hating child. Have the kids use cardboard, wood, rubber bands and string to create a strong catapult design. Take the catapult outside to see how far it can throw different vegetables, such as tomatoes or small gourds.

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