Cake Ideas for a Farm Cake

Updated June 26, 2018

The farm theme is a popular one for kids' birthday parties. Farm cakes also work well for a farmer celebrating a birthday. Whatever the occasion, a creative farm cake is a fun and sweet way to celebrate. Whether you make the farm cake yourself or use the ideas to order a cake from a bakery, the recipient is sure to enjoy the farm-themed cake.


A three-dimensional cake shaped like a barn is a natural choice for the farm theme. Sheet cakes are stacked together to create the base. A serrated knife is the best tool to cut the top of the cake to resemble a barn roof. Buttercream icing covers the barn cake. Additional details are added with more icing in different colours or fondant. You can also mould farm animals out of the fondant which is very similar to play dough. Cupcakes covered with yellow frosting work well as hay bales next to the barn.

Toy Animal Toppers

A farmyard cake is another simple idea. This cake requires no carving and only basic decorations. A layer of green buttercream icing on a sheet cake creates the base for the farmyard. The majority of the farm theme comes from the toy animals used as cake toppers. Small plastic farm animals are usually sold at toy and party supply stores and work well for this cake. You can arrange them anywhere on the cake to create the farmyard scene. You can also add some plastic fences and a toy tractor to add to the cake's decoration. Crushed graham crackers work well to create roads around the farm cake.

Tractor Cake

The side view of a tractor makes a simple sheet cake idea. By cutting the sheet cake into the shape of the tractor, you make it more interesting than just a plain sheet cake. A template made from cardboard provides a guideline for cutting the shape of the cake. Green or red buttecream frosting covers the tractor-shaped sheet cake. Wheels, windows, a steering wheel and other accents cut from fondant round out the decoration on the tractor cake.

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