Gothic Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Though Gothic style can often be stereotyped as merely black clothing, images of witches and dark make-up, true Gothic imagery and style is often very elegant, elaborate and regal. Many Gothic styles stem from the Renaissance time period, with lavish dresses trimmed with corsets, lace and regal accents and accessories. Gothic cathedrals and castles are also some of the most stunning and intricate structures in the world. All of these aspects of the Gothic style can be translated to an equally lavish and elegant birthday cake.

Corset Cake

Use regal colours such as maroon, rose, deep purple or emerald green to frost the top of a cake in the shape of a dress or the torso portion of a dress. Use chocolate icing to add details such as lace or buttons. Intertwine black liquorice down the dress to replicate the strings of a corset. Position the liquorice in a loosely tied bow at the bottom of the corset.

Castle Cake

Research the look and style of Gothic castles and cathedrals on the Internet. Using mixed food colouring, change white icing into grey. Frost the cake in the shape of a castle. Use candy, such as liquorice, for outlining or squares of a chocolate bar to form the windows and doors. Sprinkle with chocolate crumbs to give the stone walls a realistic (and tasty) feel.

Stained Glass Windows

Divide the cake into sections and colour each section using a different, brightly coloured frosting. The mosaic look of the different panels of colour will give the impression of stained glass windows. If desired, outline each section with a string of liquorice.


Using homemade or purchased sugar flowers, decorate the sides and corners of the cake with some dark coloured flowers. Try deep red tones, dark greens, regal purples or velvety blacks. Stay away from pastels for Gothic-style cakes.

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