Signs & Symptoms of Metastasized Ovarian Cancer to Lungs

Updated April 17, 2017

According to Medline Plus, ovarian cancer is fairly common, being the fifth most common cancer in females. If left untreated, ovarian cancer will eventually metastasise throughout the body to other organs, including the lungs. Although ovarian cancer is not normally known for metastasising into the lungs, it is possible, so be aware of the potential symptoms.


Persistent coughing is a potential sign that ovarian cancer has metastasised to the lungs. Do not concern yourself with a transient cough, or a cough that has an easily discernible cause, as these are unlikely to indicate metastatic lung cancer. However, be aware of a cough that lasts for an unnatural amount of time or is of surprising intensity. Be especially cautious if you are coughing up blood.

Localised Pain

Localised pain in, or behind, the ribcage is another potential sign that ovarian cancer has spread to the lungs. Be wary of pain which is persistent or severe, and pain that has no explicable cause.

Shortness of Breath

Metastatic lung cancer will impede your breathing capacity as your normal, healthy cells are replaced by cancerous tissue. Therefore, diminished lung capacity is one indication of metastatic lung cancer. Activities resulting in abnormal shortness of breath, such as while climbing stairs or walking, might be symptomatic of metastatic lung cancer.

Abnormal Weight Loss

Weight loss can be another symptom of cancer spreading throughout the body. While weight can fluctuate normally by three to five pounds daily depending on the proximity of your last meal, water retention, and other factors, be cautious if your weight declines by more than eight to ten pounds without any reasonable explanation. If you have been eating normally and your weight is still decreasing, it might be a sign of cancer that has metastasised.

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