Healthy foods to eat to help lose weight

Written by jake lynn | 13/05/2017
Healthy foods to eat to help lose weight
The right foods will help you to lose weight. (healthy food image by katja kodba from

Not all foods cause weight gain. Some choices are abundantly healthier than others. You can use some to even lose weight. Healthy foods contain a low amount of calories and boost your metabolism. Nutrients such as fibre, calcium and vitamins help your body burn fat and calories faster, causing quick weight loss.


Porridge oats contain a high amount of fibre. Not only does fibre prevent fat storage, but it also keeps you full for a longer period of time. Eating it for breakfast will help you feel fuller and eat less, therefore helping you lose weight throughout the day. You can also eat it before a workout to give you more energy during the exercise.


Many diets include grapefruit as the main focus. It lowers the insulin levels your body produces, causing less fat storage. Grapefruit also contains a high amount of fibre, so your body must use more calories in the process of breaking it down.


Broccoli is a green with a variety of nutrients. It contains plenty of calcium and vitamin C. Calcium boosts your metabolism, helping your body burn fat and calories faster. Vitamin C works as a trigger partner to calcium and helps your body absorb more of it.


Along with most other spicy foods, jalapenos hold high amounts of capsaicin. Capsaicin causes your metabolism and heart rate to speed up for hours even after you finish eating the peppers. This amounts to your body burning extra calories throughout the day.

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