Why Does the Tower Make a Loud Roaring Noise?

Written by kay ireland
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Why Does the Tower Make a Loud Roaring Noise?
The various fans in your computer can become dirty or loose. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Whether you hear a whirring noise when you start your computer or you experience a loud roaring noise during usage, the problem is hardware-related. Since you computer is made up of movable parts, often one will malfunction which can cause noisy performance within the tower. By isolating the cause of the noise, you can learn how to remedy the issue to quiet the roar and ensure that your computer hardware is working properly.

Dirty Fan

Your computer tower contains anywhere from two to six or eight fans inside. As your computer processes, the CPU warms as it works. Because of this, you have several fans dedicated to keeping the CPU cool while your computer is on. The fans bring in air from outside of the tower into the tower to cool off your hardware. If the air around your tower is dusty or dirty, those particles are transferred to the blades of the fan. Over time, the fan can become clogged with dirt, which results in poor performance and a grinding noise as the dirt clogs the fan rotation. Cleaning your tower regularly with compressed air helps to keep the fans clean and running smoothly.

Stiff Bearing

Your computer tower isn't only made up of drives, a motherboard and fans, but also small pieces, such as bearings and screws. When small pieces malfunction, it can result to a loud noise the reverberates through the tower. Your tower fans are anchored to the hardware using bearings, which can sometimes become stiff with use. Stiff bearings are harder to turn and can begin making a grinding sound if left unchecked. Adding lightweight mechanical oil to the bearings lubricates their movements for quieter performance.

Loose Screws

When you insert a CD into your CD-ROM, it's common to hear a loud whirring or roaring noise as your computer reads the disk for interaction. If any of the screws in the drive are loose, it's very likely the culprit for the loud noise. Loose screws shake and vibrate as the other parts and pieces of your computer move. While it may seem like a small problem, it can make a big noise. Tightening the screws around your drive can help to solve the problem.

Power Supply

If your tower only makes loud noises during the start-up process, the problem is likely related to your power supply. The power supply is obviously a source of power for your computer, but it also contains a fan that is key for ventilation. Should the power supply become dirty or dusty, you'll hear strain as the power supply both begins to power your computer and as it continues to fan hot air from the tower. Compressed air should act as a first defence against noise. If it continues to make noise, you may need to replace the power supply fan altogether.

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