The Proper Matching of Shoes to a Dress

Updated April 17, 2017

Having the perfect shoe can either make or break your entire ensemble. No matter if you're pairing the perfect dress with the wrong heel shoe or you could have created a drop-dead look by adding an unexpected colour or style shoe, there's no cookie-cutter format for matching your shoes to your dress. If you're a fan of more eclectic styles, matching for you is likely to be pairing multiple prints and textures together as opposed to a conservative dresser who wouldn't dare wear black and brown within the same outfit. Wherever you fall on the style-o-meter, pair the perfect shoes with the dress that makes you feel your best.

The Little Black Dress

Your little black dress can take you from happy hour to witnessing someone's happily ever after. Pair your little black dress with a dynamic colour when you want to give your look a pop of personality and show off your sense of style. For a conservative approach, match your dress with a black stiletto pump or peep-toe kitten heel, depending on your level of comfort .

Business Professional

When you are headed to the office and need a shoe that not only suits your personality but is appropriate for the work world, choose nude tones with a minimised peep toe or rounded pump. Here you can wear a stylish high-waist pencil skirt with a flirty blouse and blazer to capitalise on your own sense of style but still have something suitable afoot. Gray, black, fleshtone and navy are all hues that are interchangeable no matter what your professional uniform requires.

Bridal Dresses

Whether you are a bridesmaid or celebrating your big day, not only are the shoes important to match your overall look but they must last through a long day on your feet, from the time you slip into your dress until you slide across the dance floor. Choose a comfortable pair, because comfort will be almost as important as style. Bridal shoes are often strappy heels in metallic colours such as silver, gold or even clear.

Bold, Daring Prints

When your sense of style mimics living on the edge rather than playing it safe, mix and match fabrics, textures, patterns and colours interchangeably within your style. If you are wearing a hot pink dress with a wide black-and-white zebra belt or piping around the base of the skirt, dare to go there by pairing your avant-garde style with black and brown leopard print heels. For a fitted turquoise pencil or wrap dress, add a colour coordinated accessory such as a thin, red belt and match with red suede shoes. Pair prints and patterns with solids in varying textures where the colours complement each other.

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