What Is a Warlock Doberman?

Updated November 21, 2016

Dobermans, also known as Doberman pinschers, are square-shaped, midsize to large brown or black dogs that are specifically bred to be bodyguards for their masters. Dobermans have short, hard coats and muscular bodies that gives them speed and endurance. Dobermans usually have their ears cropped as puppies so the ears are pointed and sit on top of the head. Warlock Dobermans are Dobermans that are abnormally large, for they were bred to be bigger, tougher dogs. Yet, despite their aggressive exterior, Warlock Dobermans have genial temperaments.

Doberman History

Doberman pinschers were first bred around 1900 by Louis Dobermann of Apolda, a tax collector who wanted a large dog for protection and companionship. Breeds such as the shorthaired shepherd, black and tan terrier, rottweiler and the German pinscher were mated to produce the Dobermann pinscher. Breeder Otto Goeller then continued developing the breed in Germany, and founded a club for the training and raising of Dobermans. The Doberman breed spread in popularity to Poland, Scandinavia and Russia. Dobermans also became popular in England after World War II to work alongside police.

About the Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher males are usually 26 to 28 inches tall, and females are around 24 to 26 inches. Their weight ranges from 29.5 to 43.1 Kilogram. The muscular build of the Doberman allows them to have extreme strength; an average Doberman can pull the weight of a 200 pound man. The thin musculature of the Doberman also makes them extremely fast, agile runners. Dobermans are also known for intelligence, and are easily trainable. They are sociable, well-tempered dogs that are affectionate and loyal.

History of the Warlock Doberman

The title "Warlock" Doberman originates from one specific Doberman, "Borong the Warlock." Borong the Warlock was a Doberman bred by Theodosia and Henry Frampton of Florida in the 1950s. As a puppy, the dog attached himself to Henry, and Henry named the dog "Borong the Warlock." He was a standard sized Doberman with an amiable temperament. Hence, Henry entered Borong in dog shows, where he proceeded to win many titles. After retiring, Borong bore many litters. The Warlock name is now used as a title for oversized Doberman Pinschers, but actually has nothing to do with Borong the Warlock.

Warlock Dobermans

Warlock Dobermans are oversized Dobermans that were originally bred in the 1970s because of an increased demand for large dogs in response to the increased crime rate. Breeders mated Dobermans with Great Danes and rottweilers to create oversized, more powerful dogs. Breeders raised prices and falsified registration applications to make it appear that the Dobermans were purebreds. The Warlocks' increased size gives them many health issues, including heart and hip ailments, and also decreases their agility and lifespan. Although the Warlock Dobermans are still loyal, jovial and obedient, the breeding of Warlocks has caused long-term damage to the Doberman breed.

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