Standard Size and Height of Kitchen Cabinets

Updated March 23, 2017

Kitchen cabinets come in the standard sized base cabinets, which are located underneath the countertop. In addition, kitchen cabinets are also frequently mounted to the wall to create overhead storage, whether it is over a counter or over a hob or fridge. Use the standard sizes for kitchen cabinets if you are planning on building your own cabinets for your home. Keep in mind that custom-built cabinets may not have these precise measurements, as custom-made cabinets are built for specific spaces.

Common Kitchen Cabinets

The standard height of base kitchen cabinets is approximately 34 1/2 inches high and 24 inches deep. The width of a standard kitchen cabinet varies. It can be as narrow as 12 inches or as wide as 48 inches. Some of these cabinets may have double cabinet doors. Wall cabinets are those mounted to the wall above kitchen counter tops. These measure 12 inches deep and 30 inches tall. The width measurements are the same as the standard base kitchen cabinet, according to Ask the Builder.

Small Overhead Cabinets

Small overhead kitchen cabinets are those located above hobs and fridges. These cabinets provide storage for smaller items, such as vases, table appliances or other items not used on a daily basis. These cabinets have the same depth as the standard base cabinets, 24 inches. The length varies depending on the space, as wider stoves and fridges require more space and therefore, longer cabinets. However, the typical height for these overhead cabinets is 30 inches, according to the Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware website.


Countertops are placed above the base kitchen cabinets. Countertops have different thicknesses, ranging from 1/4-inch to 1 full inch. As you are building your cabinets for your home kitchen, keep in mind that you need space for the kitchen counter. Calculate the countertop height into the cabinet height for a combined height. This means the standard base cabinets measure a full 35 1/2 inches after a 1-inch countertop has been added.

Custom-Made Cabinets

Smaller kitchens that have limited floor space or those with an angled ceiling may not have enough room to have standard kitchen cabinets installed. Keep in mind that the measurements provided in previous sections are standard, but in no means exclusive. You can custom build cabinets for your kitchen using the same depth as standard cabinets, but creating your own heights and widths for your kitchen storage needs.

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