Bubble Solution for Hot Tubs

Updated February 21, 2017

The gentle massage of the jets and the steamy water of the hot tub can relax your body and put you at ease, but if the water is not clean, it is not nearly as inviting. If your hot tub is bubbling, it's natural. The jets make the water appear to bubble. But if the tub looks more like a bubble bath, then there is a problem. Foaming bubbles in a hot tub indicates a problem with water content or chemistry and it needs to be fixed to keep the hot tub working properly and the water sanitary.

Hair Products and Lotions

Many hygiene and cosmetic products can cause foaming bubbles in your hot tub. The use of shampoos, potions, hairspray, hair gel, deodorant and various other body and hair products can react with the churning hot water and cloud the water and cause surface foaming. To prevent this type of bubbling, shower prior to hot tub use and refrain from use of these products until after you have finished with your hot tub soak.

Washing Powder

Your swimming costume can actually be the culprit of bubbly hot tubs. When you wash your swimming costume with washing powder to clean it and make it smell nice, you are actually creating a problem for your hot tub. The detergent that doesn't rinse out completely could come out in the hot tub and form bubbles and foam. To remedy this, wash your swimming costume an additional time without any detergent to rinse it clean before hot tub use.

Super Sanitation or Foam Control

There are two ways to remedy a hot tub that has become foamy or bubbly without having to drain the entire tub. A temporary fix is to cover up the problem with a foam control agent sold at pool and spa supply stores. This substance will reduce foaminess and bubbling but the problem may return when the substance dissipates. The better way is to super-sanitise the water. This requires adding large amounts of chlorine or bromine to the water to burn out all of the soapy agents or other impurities causing the bubbly problem. It is not recommended that you get in the hot tub when performing this method and wait until levels return to the normal level.

Water and Filter

Each time chemicals are added to the water or soapy impurities are introduced the amount of total dissolved solids goes up in the hot tub. This is also known as TDS. This level rises continually regardless of what methods are used to prevent bubbling. The only way to reduce TDS is to drain all the water from the hot tub and clean or replace the filter. Performing this task about every 90 days should keep the water in good condition with normal use.

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