Standard living room sofa and loveseat sizes

Updated February 21, 2017

A sofa or loveseat is typically the largest piece of furniture in the living room. While there are some common sizes, size often varies by manufacturer. The best size of sofa or loveseat for your living room depends on the size and shape of the room, decor and style.

Sofa vs. loveseat

A sofa is longer than a loveseat. A sofa typically seats three people and has two or three cushions. Loveseats are large enough for two people to sit comfortably. Loveseats are best used in small living rooms, studio apartments or dens.

Sofa sizes

Sofa sizes can vary by style and manufacturer. Sofa lengths typically range from 1.9 to 2.3 m (76 to 92 inches). The height of the sofa (from the floor to the top of the cushions) ranges from 77.5 cm (31 inches) to more than 1 m (40 inches). A sofa's depth typically ranges from 75 cm to 1 m (30 to 40 inches). For example, a sofa that's 2.15 m (86 inches) long, 1 m (40 inches) high and a depth of 92.5 cm (37 inches) has a higher back and sits deep. The ideal height and depth of a sofa depends on personal preferences and comfort.

Loveseat sizes

The length of a loveseat typically ranges from 145 to 177.5 cm (58 to 71 inches). Heights also typically range from 82.5 to 100 cm (33 to 40 inches) and depths from 90 cm (36 inches) to more than 1 m (40 inches). An average loveseat size is 167.5 cm (67 inches) long, 90 cm (36 inches) high and 102.5 cm (41 inches) deep. For both sofas and loveseats, the standard thickness for back cushions is 20 cm (8 inches).

How to choose

When deciding whether to buy a sofa or loveseat, first consider the space. You don't want the room to be overwhelmed by an very large piece of furniture, yet a small loveseat will look awkward in a larger living room. Measure the space to determine the most appropriate piece of furniture. Don't forget to measure the doorway to make sure the furniture will fit through the door. Also, determine the style and colour of sofa or loveseat. Minimalist sofas tend to look more clean and modern while bulky sofas appear more casual and comfortable.

Two very important factors when choosing a sofa or loveseat are the heights of the sofa and the arms. Try out different styles and sizes to determine your preferred height and depth.

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