The Best Sitting Poses for Photos

Updated November 21, 2016

When a person sits down for a portrait photography session, there are a variety of sitting poses a photographer can choose from. It's important to choose a sitting pose where the subject looks natural and feels comfortable, while also highlighting the subject's best features.

Sitting on Stool

One pose a photographer works with is having the subject of the photograph sit on a stool or chair. In this pose, the subject sits with his back straight. Typically, the subject wears a more formal outfit for these portraits, often used for business or trade publications or personnel announcements. Women using this pose wear dresses or business suits. Men would wear a shirt, tie and a suit.

Sitting Outside

If a subject is a more carefree spirit or someone who enjoys and appreciates the outdoors, have them pose sitting outside. This relaxed style of portrait has the subject sitting cross-legged in a field of flowers or tall grasses. For this casual photograph, a subject could wear a light, summer outfit. A woman could wear a nice, flowing sun dress, while a man would wear shorts and a button-down casual shirt.

Casual Seated

For an indoor sitting pose that's nice, yet casual, have the subject sit down, with both legs bent at the knee. The subject would sit on the ground, extending her legs with her knees bent. This portrait shows the subject in a sweet and innocent light, and is ideal for women. A woman could wear a cute pair of jeans with a T-shirt for a pose like this. She could wear a pretty skirt with a cardigan sweater as well.

Sitting with Attitude

To photograph a tough guy, have him pose by sitting with attitude. For this pose, have the subject sit down with his back straight and knees bent. Have him put one arm on his knee, and give a look that's loaded with attitude -- a set jaw and a firm, confident look into the camera. This showcases his personality while photographing well. For this photo, have the subject wear something a little bit edgy --- perhaps a leather jacket with jeans and a rock 'n' roll T-shirt.

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