Excavator Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Children who enjoy watching large construction vehicles and playing with miniature replicas might request a construction-themed birthday party. One popular construction vehicle is an excavator, which has a large bucket that scoops up piles of dirt. There are several ways to create a homemade cake that looks like an excavator.

Cake and Candy Excavator

Use a combination of cake for the base of the excavator and candy for all the other components to make a sweet treat. Start with a pre-made pound cake, which is a sturdy base for the machine. Cut a small piece off the end of the cake and stack it on top to make the cab of the excavator. Also cut off a small piece of the cake for the bucket. Cover all the pieces with yellow icing. Cover dowels with hollow yellow liquorice pieces or yellow fondant to make the arm attached to the bucket. Use gumdrops for lights on the top of the excavator and miniature chocolate-covered doughnuts for wheels.

Excavator in Profile

Cut apart basic sheet cakes and rearrange the pieces on a large platter to look like the side view of an excavator. Start by cutting a rectangle out of the corner of one sheet cake and using the rest as the main body of the excavator. Cut the other sheet cake into three long strips. Set one under the body as the wheel assembly and arrange the other two coming off the body as the arm. Use the rectangle you cut out of the first cake as the bucket. Cover the whole cake in yellow icing and use black icing for the wheels, bucket and accent details.

Work Site

Rather than making a cake that looks like an excavator, you can make a cake that looks like a work site and add small plastic excavators in the appropriate locations. Cut a few holes out of the top of the cake and set them upside-down to make dirt piles nearby. Decorate the cake with brown icing and chocolate cookie crumbs as the dirt. If desired, add a nearby stream made from blue candies and trees made from green gumdrops on miniature pretzel sticks.

Excavator Cupcakes

Turn cupcakes into miniature excavators if you would prefer individual servings rather than a large cake. Start with yellow cupcakes baked in yellow paper liners. Bake an equal number of cupcakes in a miniature cupcake pan. Set a miniature cupcake on top of each large cupcake to make the excavator cab. Frost the whole top in yellow. For each arm, bend a yellow chenille pipe and stick the end into a small black candy for the bucket. Add details in black decorating gel and tape four black paper wheels to each liner as a finishing touch.

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