What Is WBP Glue?

Updated April 17, 2017

In businesses associated with either buying or selling plywood, such as lumber companies, furniture makers, or marine builders -- WBP glue is often sought after. Often, however, individuals may not understand the term. WBP glue has a very specific meaning and does not apply to a specific type of glue, nor a particular brand. Rather, the term applies to the properties within various types of glue.

What Does WBP Mean?

WBP stands for "water-boiled proof." This type of glue or adhesive is critically important to applications in which the manufacturer of the final product expects to subject the plywood to harsh environments, usually outdoors. WBP glues and adhesives are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to elements such as moisture or water.

Testing WBP

To test if an adhesive or glue has WBP properties, you can apply a small amount to some sample pieces of plywood and subject the plywood to boiling water for an extended period, or between four and 48 hours, depending on the type of plywood. If the glue or adhesive does not separate or split from the plywood under the test conditions, it has WBP properties.

Common WBP Glues

There are a few common types of WBP glues you can use for plywood applications. Melamine glue and phenolic glue are two of the most used in a range of applications. Plywood with melamine glue can withstand boiling water anywhere from four to 20 hours, depending on the quality of the melamine glue. Melamine glues are mostly used for temporary applications. Phenolic glue applied to plywood, on the other hand, will withstand boiling water anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the quality. The best quality phenolic glues are used in permanent applications.

Uses of WBP Glue

In most cases, WBP glue and adhesives are sought after for use in outside applications, such as outdoor furniture, in the construction industry and building boats. These applications obviously require the best phenolic glue as a permanent adhesive. However, WBP glue has indoor uses as well, for furniture making, cabinet making and the underlay plywood for flooring. Things indoors tend to collect moisture, especially in a hot climate; therefore, WBP glue of good quality serves to boost the quality of the finished product.

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