Majorette Tricks

Written by sasha rousseau
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Majorette Tricks
Majorette routines also may incorporate tumbling and gymnastics into the baton twirling. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Majorettes are baton twirlers. They often perform as part of a marching band, flag line or colour guard, so they can frequently be seen at pep rallies and in half-time shows. Majorette tricks involve passing the baton, spinning the baton and throwing the baton. An experienced majorette may also build a routine that incorporates performing tricks using more than one baton at once.


A relatively basic spinning trick is to spin the baton around your hand. To start the trick called a Palm Spin Bat Up, hold the baton at the centre of its shaft, in your dominant hand. Flip that hand horizontally, opening the hand so the palm is flat -- the baton will revolve around the hand. When your palm faces the sky, keep your hand still, keep your fingers together and keep your palm flat. The baton will continue revolve around your hand. To stop the baton's revolutions, slap the back of the hand the baton is revolving around with the palm of your other hand. The force of the slap will jerk your upturned hand enough so the baton will jolt out of the spin and into the air. Catch the baton with the hand you used to slap your dominant hand.


The thumb toss is a basic twirling toss that you can use to toss the baton low or high. Hold the baton vertically in your right hand, at the centre of the shaft. Pivot your wrist toward the right and open up your hand as though you're starting a palm spin -- the baton should move across your hand so it is between your forefinger and thumb. The baton will continue rolling off your hand into the space between your forefinger and thumb and then will roll up the length of your thumb and off your hand. As the baton is twirling off your thumb, lift your arm and toss the baton into the air. The higher and faster you lift your arm, the higher you'll throw the baton.

Incorporating the Legs

The baton may be passed between or under the legs or rolled over one or both legs. To start a Double Leg Roll, hold the baton in your right hand. Lift your left leg in a high-knee step, so your thigh is completely horizontal. With your leg still raised, point your toe at the ground. Slip your right hand, still holding the baton, under your lifted leg. Roll the baton over the leg, towards your hip. As the baton is almost at your hip and is sliding so it's nearly vertical, lift your right leg in a high knee step -- it's almost as though you're marching. Grab the baton in your left hand and continue the baton's roll down the right leg.

Two Batons

A majorette can perform her baton spins, passes and rolls using just one baton at a time, or can perform two different baton twirling tricks at once using a baton in each hand. Though the tricks may have to be adjusted depending on how they're combined, the tricks done with two batons are the same as the tricks done with one baton. An example of a two baton routine is completing a high thumb toss with one baton while passing a second baton over your head or under one of your legs.

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