Magical Properties of Rock Salt

Written by shaunta alburger
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Magical Properties of Rock Salt
Rock salt has a long history of use in ritual and magic. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Salt is an element that is free flowing in water, but hard as stone when dried. It is essential to life, and nearly every religion has used it in ritual for different purposes. Modern Pagans believe that rock salt holds magical properties as well, for protection, purifying and health.

Salt in Religion

Salt is an important part of many ancient and modern religious rituals. Jewish people dip their bread in salt on the Sabbath as a reminder of ancient temple offerings of salt. The old testament of the Bible tells of Lot's wife turning to a pillar of salt after disobeying God. Catholic ceremonies often use salt as a purifier. Buddhists believe that salt repels evil. Salt plays an important role in Pagan traditions as well, as a purifier and for magical properties it is believed to hold.

Purification and Protection

Pagans believe that rock salt acts as both a purifier and a protective agent. Salt is used in rituals to purify practitioners and the area where the ritual takes place. It is also added to magical spells meant to bring protection against evil spirits. Salt is sometimes mixed with sand for laying magical circles during rituals. It may also be added to medicine or magic pouches worn around the neck. Sometimes salt is sprinkled around a bed to ward against unwanted nighttime visitors.

The Elements

Salt is often combined with the elements of water, air, earth and fire to intensify spells. The most basic salt spell consists of holding salt in your hand and making a wish, then throwing the salt in the air. Salt may also be tossed into fire during a ritual or dissolved in water, thus combining the power of these elements with the magic of the salt. Salt is sometimes mixed with sand to strengthen the power of the earth element during spells.

Healing Magic

Salt is thought to be helpful in healing magic regarding intestinal problems and blood disorders. It is also sometimes used in other magical potions or brews as a substance to extend their magic. Salt is a culinary preservative and enhancer, and is seen much the same way by Pagans who use it in healing magic. Salt is essential to human health, but too much causes problems, even death. This dichotomy makes salt a powerful agent in healing magic. Many believe that bathing in saltwater causes magical healing of many aliments.

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