Islamic methods for getting rid of negative energy

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Islam has several practices that can help its followers dispel negative energy. By clearing the mind, body and spirit of negative energies, Muslims are free to follow the balanced life that has been laid out for them in spiritual texts like the Koran. Many Islamic techniques for dispelling negative energy can be useful to anyone of any faith.


Islamic traditions dictate that observant Muslims perform ghusl, a ritual of bathing and showering, to cleanse the body of impurities and negative energy. The right hand is used to pour water, while the left hand is used to wash the body. One begins by washing the reproductive appendages, then continues from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. While ghusl is always performed after any acts of intimacy, ghusl is also performed before going to the mosque for specific prayers and feast days. Ghusl is also recommended whenever the body feels blocked by negative energy. Consult a local imam or cleric as to the correctness of performing ghusl to clear negative energy and spiritual blockages.

Good Works

According to Sahar El-Nadi of "The Balanced Leader in Islam," the Muslim faith believes in emotional recycling, which takes any negative energy residing in the body and spirit and reuses it as fuel for good works. Negative emotions can include anger, envy, hate and grief, but they can also include an abundance of positive energy. Emotional balance and equilibrium is central to one's spiritual well-being in Islam. Regardless of one's faith, the concept of emotional recycling can be useful for dispelling negative emotions in anyone. Instead of taking out your anger by lashing out at those around you, clean the house, go for a run or organise your desk. Your body will work through the energy and create something positive.


Prayer and meditation can help many Muslims dispel negative energies in their own lives. Reaffirming one's faith in Allah, who is all-seeing and runs the universe according to a divine plan, obliterates the need for negative energies like anxiety, doubt and fear. Having prayers recited over someone by Islamic healers can also dispel negative energy and is part of the ancient practice of "Ruqya." Prayers can be recited or written down, and sometimes these prayers are consumed by those afflicted with illness or negative energy.

Gemstone Therapy

Those who believe in metaphysics and Islam turn to gemstones in order to release negative energies. The Prophet places special emphasis on opal, carnelian and turquoise as stones that boost the body's strength and resistance to negative energy. Carnelian is especially helpful for dispelling negative energy and is an important stone in Islamic faith. Rings with these stones are thought to be especially helpful during times of prayer and meditation, but the stones can be worn in necklaces as well. If the power of the stone is too strong, consider placing the stones beside your bed or on a table near the entrance to your house.

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