Clothes Made of Linen

Updated November 21, 2016

Linen is one of the world's oldest fabrics. It is a natural fibre that is derived from the flax plant. This durable fabric resists the sun's heat and is breathable, which is why historically, linen clothing has been worn in warmer climates throughout the world. A variety of clothing styles are available in linen for men, women and children. Linen clothing is a popular choice during the warmer months because even when it's hot outside, you are comfortable and stylish in your linen outfit.

Shawls and Scarves

Designers sometimes make shawls and scarves from linen. Shawls and scarves keep you warm, but linen scarves and shawls are stylish accessories for your warm-weather outfits. Unlike wool or knit materials that are too heavy for all-day wear, shawls and scarves made from linen are lightweight and can be worn throughout the day.


Tunics are garments that may span from the hips to the ankles and are sometimes layered over shirts or blouses. Ancient Egyptian men and women often dressed in linen tunics. A cool and breathable fabric, linen is the perfect choice for a layered ensemble that includes a tunic. Additionally, linen works well as the material for a loosely flowing tunic, because this light and airy fabric does not cling to your body.


Some men opt to wear linen suits in the warmer months because linen is lightweight and breathable. Linen suits are also offered in women's styles, and a linen suit for either gender is the ideal choice for a professional look, even when it's hot outside. Men's and women's linen suits are usually seen in lighter colours -- white or off-white for men, and beige or pastel colours for women.


Linen trousers with drawstring or belted waists are a popular choice when the weather is warm. Linen trousers are available in a variety of colours because they are worn during the spring and summer months, when bright colours and pastels are favoured for clothing. When wearing shorts in the warmer months isn't an option, such as for work, opt for lightweight linen trousers for a comfortable feel and a professional look.


Typically, most people wear shorts in warm and hot weather. Linen shorts are cooler than other types of shorts due to the lightweight and breathable material. Additionally, linen has the ability to absorb large quantities of moisture before it feels damp on the skin.

Care for Linen

Most manufacturers recommend that you to take linen clothing to the cleaners for dry cleaning, so it maintains its crisp finish. However, you may hand wash linen in cold water with mild detergent to soften the fabric. Lay the clothing on a flat clean surface to dry.

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