What Plants Do Ladybirds Like?

Written by amanda flanigan | 13/05/2017
What Plants Do Ladybirds Like?
Ladybirds are predators since they consume other insects. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Ladybirds -- also called ladybirds or lady beetles -- are a small insect that features a red or orange body with black spots. Ladybirds enjoy snacking on aphids and other soft body insects that can wreck havoc in your garden. This makes ladybirds beneficial for gardens of all sizes. Attract ladybirds to your garden and lawn naturally by adding plants that ladybirds prefer.


A hardy, perennial herb, fennel features yellow flowers and green, feathery leaves. This flavourful, aromatic herb has medical and culinary purposes as well as being a primary ingredient in the alcoholic beverage absinthe. Growing up to 24 inches, fennel requires well-drained soil and full sun and grows best outdoors instead of inside. Besides ladybirds, fennel attracts birds, bees and butterflies.


Considered an annoying weed to many homeowners, dandelions feature a variety of benefits including attracting ladybirds. You can harvest dandelions and create a homemade tea to treat infections, acne and anaemia. As many homeowners know, dandelions seem to grow just about anywhere, but thrive with proper moisture.


Considered an easy herb to grow for beginners, dill grows well both indoors and out as long as it receives adequate sunlight. Dill features soft, clusters of flowers with fernlike leaves. A natural ladybird attractant, dill promotes a healthy digestive system while treating insomnia, menstrual disorders and hiccups. To ensure the dill thrives, provide well-drained, slightly acidic soil.


Cilantro, a common ingredient in many recipes, attracts ladybirds to your garden whiling providing a variety of health benefits. Cilantro provides relief for flatulence and helps prevent urinary tract infections and relieves nausea. Furthermore, cilantro is a good source for magnesium, fibre and iron. Cilantro is a fast-growing herb that grows well both indoors and out.

Scented Geraniums

Providing a pleasant aroma, scented geraniums will grow well outdoors in your garden or in a small pot on your windowsill. Grow the scented geraniums in full sun and water when the soil becomes dry. Including bringing ladybirds to your yard, scented geraniums feature antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Unfortunately, some people experience contact dermatitis when exposed to scented geraniums.

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