What to Get the Wife for Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Written by kathryn walsh | 13/05/2017
What to Get the Wife for Our 20th Wedding Anniversary
Go above and beyond your usual anniversary gifts. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

She's loved and cared for you for 20 years, so she deserves something more than a new blender. Tradition dictates that you give your wife china on your 20th anniversary, while the modern gift to give on this occasion is platinum, a type of metal that's rarer than silver or gold. No matter what gift you give, wrap it in silver or white paper as a nod to the platinum theme.


Although giving your wife china dishes might sound dull, there are ways to make this gift touching and sentimental. If your wedding china pattern is still available in stores or online, buy new serving pieces that your set doesn't include. If any of your pieces are beat up from overuse, buy replacements. For a more personalised gift, create your own china. Take a pottery class to create a vase for your wife, or paint plates and bowls for her at a paint-your-own pottery studio.


Most women would say that you can't go wrong with a gift of jewellery. If you couldn't afford the ring of her dreams at your wedding, now's the time to replace it with a new platinum and diamond ring. A necklace, watch or earrings made of platinum will also be a hit with most women. If she doesn't wear much jewellery, buy a platinum vase and fill it with fresh flowers. Platinum is easy to engrave, so have a personal message etched into any platinum gift.

20th Theme

She's put up with you for 20 years, so one gift might not be enough. Stretch out the gift-giving fun by giving her 20 smaller gifts. Buy a range of items from CDs and bottles of lotion to more extravagant gifts such as jewellery and spa gift tokens, and wrap each one separately. If you don't have the budget for multiple gifts, write her 20 love notes. Explain a different quality you love about her in each note.


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, she probably rarely gets to put her feet up. Leave the kids at home and take her on the trip of her dreams. If you had to settle for a weekend honeymoon at a campground, take her to the island paradise that she's always fantasised about. If you did get to take a luxury honeymoon, book a week's stay in the same resort so you can relive those earliest days together.

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