My iPad Safari Will Not Connect to Facebook

If you are having problems connecting to Facebook with the Safari mobile browser on your iPad, it's possible that your local Internet went out temporarily, that the iPad is having a network issue or the browser cache is conflicting with site. You will want to be sure that you are using the right version of the site, since there are a desktop and a mobile version.

Network Connection

The first thing you should do when having a problem connecting to any website is to confirm you have an Internet connection. For the iPad, this means you will have to receive Internet from a local Wi-Fi network or via a cellular data network, if your particular model supports that feature. Visit a different website in Safari and see if that one pulls up. It does not, then you may need to reset your network connection from the "Settings" app. To reset, you would go to the "General" section, tap "Reset Network Settings," and then touch the "Reset" button to confirm.

Browser Cache

It is a good practice to periodically clear out the browser cookies and cache, as when the folder becomes full it may cause website loading issues. If you are still experiencing a problem after checking your network connection, you should clear the browsing data. You can do this by tapping on the "Settings" icon on the home screen and going to the "Safari" section. For a complete fresh start, tap and confirm the individual buttons for "Clear History," "Clear Cookies" and "Clear Cache." Once done, go back to Safari and test the Facebook website.

Facebook Version

You should determine which version of the Facebook website you are using. Facebook does not automatically detect that you are using the iPad, so by default, it will display the desktop version. You can type "" in the Safari address bar and tap the "Go" button. Using mobile Facebook may make a difference in the site's load time.


Sometimes after trying multiple troubleshooting techniques, you still cannot connect to Facebook or other websites. When this happens, you should shut down the iPad by pressing in the "Power" button. Allow the device to stay turned off for a few moments. Turn on the iPad again, letting it fully boot up, and then try accessing Facebook again. Rebooting the device can help in some circumstances to fully reset the network connection.

Technical Support

If these troubleshooting tips do not help, seek further technical support. You should contact Apple for support only if you cannot connect to all websites on the tablet computer. If Facebook is the only site you cannot load on the iPad, then you should contact the company's support teams from a desktop or laptop computer. To do this, sign into your Facebook account, click the "Account" menu and select "Help Center." On that page, click the "Report a bug" link, and then go to the "Mobile" section, where you may open up a support ticket about your problem.

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