Is Maintaining an In-Ground Pool Expensive?

Written by tony guerra | 13/05/2017
Is Maintaining an In-Ground Pool Expensive?
An in-ground swimming pool comes with both short- and long-term maintenance needs. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Having a swimming pool installed has practically been a rite of passage of home ownership over the decades. An in-ground swimming pool, especially, is a sign of ultimate success when it comes to having a home. In-ground swimming pools aren't cheap, though, and the short- and long-term maintenance costs on them should be considered before getting one. Of course, some in-ground pools are more expensive to maintain than others, and poorly maintained pools will end up costing quite a bit more than well-maintained ones.

Monthly Costs

Swimming pool maintenance costs are diverse and depend on a number of issues. The cost to maintain an in-ground swimming pool includes the electricity needed to run its pool filtration system and in-pool lights, for one. Also, swimming pool chemicals needed to keep a pool and its water clean and sanitary are a continuing cost. If your swimming pool is hardly used or used very hard, it'll cost more to maintain. Monthly in-ground swimming pool maintenance costs run from £32 to £97, barring any serious pool defects.

Maintenance Factors

Several factors impact how much an in-ground swimming pool costs to maintain. What a swimming pool is made of affects what its maintenance costs may be. For example, a cement swimming pool's water chemistry is more delicate and costs more to maintain. Water for a swimming pool also varies cost-wise around the country, and using a pool cleaning service adds to a swimming pool's cost. Long-term replacement or renovation of a swimming pool will eventually become a big cost factor.

Replacement and Renovation

Eventually, swimming pool components wear out or break and will need replacement or renovation. A vinyl liner in-ground swimming pool has a low upfront acquisition in comparison to fibreglass or cement swimming pools, but the vinyl liner in an in-ground pool will need to be replaced every 7 to 15 years or so, at a cost of £1,625 to £2,275. Acid washing and replastering a cement in-ground swimming pool, at the time of publication in 2011, costs from £1,625 to £2,600.


Your most consistent in-ground swimming pool maintenance cost will be to keep your pool's water sanitary. If you have a gas pool heater, expect to spend about £6 per hour to heat your swimming pool. Pool water testing kits, weekly superchlorination of your pool and pool cleaning equipment (vacuum, scoops) are included in maintenance costs. Unplanned in-ground swimming pool maintenance costs are also high. A new in-ground sand pool filter system, at the time of publication, costs about £585.

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