Projects Using Old Fence Panels

With its silvery patina, rough texture and knotty pattern, old wooden fencing can be made into charming, rustic furniture and decorative items. When you reuse the wood from an old fence, you're being smart in several ways because repurposing wood keeps it out of the landfill, saves valuable resources and allows you to decorate your home and create gifts very inexpensively.


Use a section of an old wooden fence as a headboard. A picket fence panel with graduated slats is especially charming for this project. Paint, stain or colour-wash the fence to match the bedroom's decor, or use it as-is in its silvery grey state. Attach the headboard to your bed's frame, if possible, or directly to the wall.

Side Table

Make a rustic side table by cutting a circular piece out of your fence panel, then attaching it to the seat of a wooden stool. Sand the top and side smooth, if necessary, and paint the top and the base to match.

Wall Hanging

Use a fence panel in place of a large painting over your sofa. This works especially well with a fence panel that has old, peeling paint in interesting colours and layers. If your panel is entirely one colour, stain or paint the slats in interesting patterns, or paint the panel to look like an old ad or poster. If the panel is too big for your space, cut it down to size.

Coffee Table Cart

If you are handy with a saw, hammer and nails, consider using fence slats to build an industrial-looking coffee table cart. First build a large, rectangular box with a hinged lid out of the fence pieces, then attach a wheel to each bottom corner. Add a rustic, knotted-rope handle to each end, and you've got a mobile coffee table with plenty of storage.

Smaller Decorative Items

Take your fence panel apart and you can use the wood to build lots of fun projects, such as picture frames, bird houses and shadow boxes. Attach a candle holder toward the bottom of a shapely picket and you have a wall sconce. Paint fun sayings, names or labels on the slats, attach a wire or ribbons and you have a charming wall sign. You can also use a single picket as a rustic, decorative curtain rod.

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