Temperament and Traits of a Corgi Mix

Written by jeanne donnelly
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Temperament and Traits of a Corgi Mix
Corgi mixes are happy and loyal dogs. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Corgis are active dogs, originally bred for herding cattle. They are loyal, friendly and protective of their family. When mixed with other breeds the best traits of both dogs usually comes through. Very intelligent, the corgi has an independent streak and needs a confident master no matter what other breed it's mixed with. When looking for a corgi mix, research the other breed to see if those are the traits you're looking for in a pet.


A corgidor is a Labrador and corgi mix. These dogs are usually taller than the regular corgi's height of 10 to 12 inches and have a happy and active nature. They are intelligent and make good family dogs. Some corgidors are good swimmers, especially if they inherit the webbed feet of a lab. This dog usually likes to retrieve and will play for hours. They have a soft mouth that makes them good with children, as they are not likely to provoke easily and will be protective of their family.


Mix a corgi with a poodle and you double the instincts of this herding dog. Poodles are extremely intelligent and obedient, so this meshes well with the corgi's family-oriented nature. The corgipoo is thought to be hypoallergenic and non-shedding, so it would do well for people with allergies. This also means they will need regular grooming. These agile dogs enjoy tracking and do well with obedience training. The corgipoo is eager to please and adaptable.


Corgis bred with the sweet-natured border collie, make great pets for the active family. They can be talkative and love to play. The nature of both breeds make them protective of everyone in their family. This dog requires moderate grooming. The borgi has a natural herding instinct and needs regular exercise to keep it stimulated both mentally and physically. It does best when it has room to run.


Dachshunds bred with corgis will usually have the corgi's pointed ears and the dachshund's long body. This dog will stay on the small side, 11.3kg., or less. Because they have the herding instinct of the corgi they like to be active and should be exercised daily. This natural chase instinct may have them chasing birds and squirrels from your yard. They can be standoffish with strangers but are intelligent and devoted to their owners. The dachshund part of this breed likes to burrow, so you might find it tucked under blankets or pillows as it naps.


A Chigi is a Chihuahua-corgi mix. This breed combination results in a sturdy little dog, weighing in at between 3.18 and 5.9kg. They bond strongly to their main caregiver and make excellent watch dogs. The high energy of the Chihuahua and herding instinct of the corgi means this dog needs room to run and should be either walked daily or have a yard.

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