Magic Tricks With Rubber Bands

Written by chris stevenson
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Magic Tricks With Rubber Bands
Choose the right rubber band colours and width sizes to work magic with. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Magic tricks with rubber bands offers an inexpensive and quick way to entertain your friends. Rubber bands have many uses, for wrapping and organising items around the house, but they also have potential and kinetic energy. Stored energy and the release of energy makes rubbers bands ideal for some fun magic tricks.

Rubber Band Jump

Take a medium size, thick rubber band and place it around the first and second fingers on your left hand. Make sure the rubber bands sits at the base of the fingers. Hold the hand up to the audience, with the palm facing you and fingers extended straight up. With your right hand, pull the rubber band back toward you in loop fashion and curl your left-hand fingers down, touching your palm. Use your right hand to slip the rubber band over the ends of all four finger tips on the left hand. Suddenly extend your hand -- the rubber band will jump from the first two fingers over to the pinky and ring finger.

Double Jump

Place one rubber band over the first two fingers of the left hand and place another rubber band over the third and fourth fingers. Use two different coloured rubber bands. Hold your palm toward you, and pull both rubbers bands together in a single loop back toward you, with your right hand. Curl your left fingers down and release the loop over the tips of the fingers on the left hand. Abruptly extend your left hand. The rubber bands will magically trade places, performing a double-jump.

Three-Band Jump

Place one rubber band over the first and second fingers of the left hand, and place another over the third and fourth fingers -- identical to the double-jump position. Take a third rubber band and loop it around the left pinky finger, give it a twist and loop it around the ring finger; give it another twist and loop it around the middle. Twist it again and loop it around the first finger. All four fingers are locked by the top rubber band. Close the left-hand fingers down, loop the lower rubber bands together and place them over the fingertips. Extend the left-hand fingers quickly. The two lower rubbers will change places, seemingly travelling right through the top locking rubber band.

Crazy Mans Handcuffs

Take one rubber band an loop it around your thumb and forefinger on the left hand. Make a C with the fingers. Place a another rubber band inside the hole and attach it to the forefinger and thumb of the other hand, locking the two together. Twist and move both hands, showing that the rubber bands cannot separate. Pull both hands apart. Slip the middle finger of your left hand through the bottom part of the rubber band and release it with your thumb, while you bring your hands together. The rubber bands will separate, as though they moved through each other.

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