Lock Devices & Types of Locks

Updated July 19, 2017

A lock is better than suspicion, according to an old Irish proverb. Locking devices are versatile and can be used to do more than just secure homes and cars. Many other types of locks are available and are capable of securing items such as bikes, vending machines, furniture and guns. Decide how much security you need to choose the right lock for your valuables.

Locks Without Keys

There are several types of locks that are keyless, such as combination and push button locks. Combination locks are not as simple to pick as basic key locks, however, they are not always secure as some locks make a clicking sound when the right number in the combination has been reached. Pushbutton locks are similar to combination locks but require you to dial a code in instead of turning a knob. These types of locks are fairly secure especially when used together with a deadbolt. A fingerprint lock is another type of keyless lock. These locks can be a bit more expensive than other types but are known to be difficult to pick because your fingerprint would have to be duplicated in order to fool the lock. (see reference 2)

Locks For Furniture

Two often-used furniture lock types are the ones with the bolt and the ones that use a push button. Bolt locks are capable of protecting such furniture as desks and cabinets. Push button locks are often found on sliding doors and filing cabinets. Bolt locks have a flat piece of metal that protrudes out of the lock's side to secure the device. Push button locks use a rod that extends from the lock's rear to secure things.

Locks For Bicycles

There are all kinds of locking devices for bicycles such as chain, cable and armoured bike locks. These locks are needed because most thieves will simply ride away on your bike if they see that it's been left unattended and unsecured. Thick cable locks are harder to cut through but can be much heavier and not as flexible as thinner cable locks. Chain bicycle locks protect better when the gaps between the chain links are not spaced very far apart and when the chain is made of a high quality and hardened steel. Armoured locks are another type of cable lock and have barrels that the cable goes through. Armoured locks are less flexible than chain bike locks.

Locks For Vending Machines

Locks that you find on the average vending machine are known as T-Handle locks. These types of locks are used in a number of other applications as well. T-Handle locks can be either spring latch or dead latch. A spring latch T-Handle lock doesn't require a key to relock it. A dead latch T-Handle lock needs a key to lock it back. Because T-Handle vending locks are interchangeable, many people don't consider them difficult to replace.

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