Couch size for a 200 square foot living room

Furnishing a small living room with a sofa for the comfort of family and guests may seem daunting. Small spaces require careful planning when selecting a sofa and other pieces. However, you can still have an attractive sofa and additional seating in 200 square feet of space without making the room appear crowded. Consider the shape of your living room and the options available to you in sofa sizes, styles and arrangement.

Sofa Sizes

The actual seat area of a standard size sofa is normally 67 to 69 inches long and can seat at least three average-size adults. However, the overall length of the sofa can vary greatly due to the size of the arms. Several inches of space on each side can be saved by choosing a sofa with narrow arms. You can easily find standard-size sofas that are around 7 feet long. Apartment- or condo-size sofas about 6 feet long are also available. The seat area is smaller but can still accommodate three average-size adults. Depths of any sofas from front to back average 34 to 44 inches.

Room Dimensions

A living room that is 200 square feet in size may be configured in a number of ways. A 200-square-foot square room will be approximately 14 feet by 14 feet in shape. A rectangular room may be 12 feet by 16 feet. Less common would be a long and narrow shape, such as 10 feet by 20 feet. Measure your living room to determine its exact dimensions and sketch it on a piece of paper. Note where doors, windows and any large feature such as a fireplace are located. Measure the largest sections of wall in your room and mark them on your sketch. These may be areas where your sofa can be placed.

Sofa Arrangements

In a square living room, you should have at least one wall against which you can place a sofa. It is possible to use a standard 7-foot sofa if it is not very deep from front to back. In a rectangular living room, consider using either a long wall or a short one for the sofa. A short wall may accommodate an apartment size sofa and one or two small lamp tables. A long wall may be used for a standard-size sofa. You may choose to divide a long, narrow room by placing a small sofa and chair at one end and another small seating or activity area at the other.

Arranging Other Furniture With Your Sofa

Think of the other pieces you would like in the room. Measure the areas where you would like to place a coffee table, lamp tables or chair. Also measure any existing pieces of furniture you would like to incorporate into the room to be sure that there will be space to accommodate them if you decide to purchase a particular sofa. Take a tape measure with you if you must shop for new tables or chairs. In a small room with a close seating arrangement, a sofa and one or more chairs can often share one or more tables. Keep your furniture groupings simple and accessories uncluttered in order to feature the sofa in your room.

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