Paracord Bottle Holder Projects

Written by leigh kramer
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Paracord Bottle Holder Projects
A one-strand braid can be added to many products for decoration and function. (Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

Paracord, or 550 cord, was originally created for use in parachutes. Paracord generally has a breaking weight of 249 Kilogram (sometimes more or less, depending on manufacturer), and can be unbraided so that the inner strands may be used for other purposes. This makes paracord extremely durable and useful for many small crafts.

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Around the Neck

The simplest way to hold a bottle with paracord is around the neck of the bottle. This should be attempted only if the bottle has a defined enough neck that the cord won't accidentally slip off. A strand of paracord, knotted at the neck to leave two even and fairly long strands, then knotted at the end would be the simplest way to implement this idea.

Knotted Net

While a net requires more paracord (and is, therefore, more expensive) it is also nicer looking and is a good way to work on knotting or macrame skills. There are many free patterns available, and with a basic knowledge of macrame, a pattern could be improvised. The disadvantage to knotting is that it creates a large knot on the bottom of the bottle, which means that bottles with flat bottoms will not sit flat.

Crocheted Bottle Holder

A crocheted bottle holder can use, yet again, more cord but requires only one strand. In this case, the paracord could be broken down into smaller strands for a tighter crochet and more utility out of a length of paracord. A basic bottle holder starts with a round, flat bottom; tall, even sides; and a long strap for carrying. There are many simple patterns that can be adapted to individual bottles, but because crocheted material is not very stretchy, the finished product will fit only a bottle of a similar size and shape.

Knitted Bottle Holder

Knitting creates a stretchier end product than crocheting, which makes it a more flexible option. Again, the paracord can be broken down into smaller cords for a tighter knit, but there is nothing wrong with a looser look, as it will resemble the net effect. A bottle holder could be created with knitting looms (which require little skill) found in craft stores, as well as by knitting on a round with needles. The disadvantage to looms is that only the simplest of patterns are possible.

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