The Responsibilities of a School Headmaster

Updated March 23, 2017

The term headmaster is not used as commonly as it once was, and people often refer to the leader of the school as a principal, especially in America. Whatever the leader of the school is called, the person oversees all the aspects of running an educational facility. A headmaster normally holds a college degree and has spent several years teaching before achieving the leadership position.


The headmaster is responsible to lead teachers and make decisions at both the administrative and educational levels. The leader of the school also represents the school and is often in the public eye. The headmaster must be able to speak in public, command respect, act as a mentor to other teachers and work at raising the children's academic standards at the school that he runs. The headmaster will also report to the school board, or the owners of the school if he runs a private school.


The person who works as a headmaster oversees all the administrative aspects of the school. The headmaster often is the one who oversees the hiring of new staff and teachers, and will participate in interviews and screening of prospective employees. She will guide and nurture staff, keep updated on all actives within the school, stay connected with parents, the town administration and the state, and she will also deal with the media on an as-needed basis.

Enthusiastic Educator

The head of the school is required to work with students and help get them excited about school and learning. The headmaster tries to find ways to improve the overall education of the students, teach the students about the world outside the school, and keep the children safe while they are learning. The headmaster will explore new educational avenues and decide if these avenues will produce good results at the school.

Emergency Preparation

The person who runs the school will oversee all emergency preparation. He will make sure that fire drills are performed, evacuation plans are in place and that the school has a plan for any environmental or possible disasters that could occur. The headmaster will train the teachers and the staff how to properly respond during an emergency, and he will make sure the students are aware of emergency procedures as well.

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