Chenille sofa durability

Updated February 21, 2017

Choosing a sofa is not easy. Not only must you take into account the style and comfort of the design, but its durability as well. As far as durability concerns specifically, upholstery plays a very large part. Chenille offers a fuzzy, velvety texture that is as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as it is soft to the touch. But before you head out to buy that new sofa, you may want to learn some things about chenille's durability.


Not all chenille is equal. In fact, the quality of the chenille on the sofa is in direct proportion to its pile. Chenille pile is akin to thread count when choosing bed sheets; the higher the thread count, the better the sheets. The same rule holds true with chenille upholstery; the higher the pile, the better quality and more durable the fabric. That does not, however, mean that the thicker the pile, the better. Pile is graded the same way as thread count: the higher the count, the better the quality.

Stain Prevention

Things go awry even in the most careful of households. Without a doubt, the best way to treat a stain on your chenille sofa is to prevent it. One of the best ways to prevent stains on chenille upholstery is to have it pretreated before stains happen. Even more than that, pretreating prolongs the lifespan of the fabric, potentially damaged by spills and excessive cleaning, making it much more durable in the end. When cleaning chenille, you have to be very careful to not use abrasive cleaners or materials.

Sofa Construction

Of course, sofa durability is not all about the fabric. The materials used to construct a sofa, such as the wooden frame, springs and other elements, play very large parts. Sofas constructed with cheap materials are more prone to breaking. These breaks can force spring pops and punctures. Punctured sofa fabrics often require reupholstering, a costly proposition.


In contrast to chenille upholstery sofas, you might prefer microfiber material. Although it does not offer the same velvet-like feel, microfiber is very soft to the touch, very durable and easy to clean. Furniture manufacturers offer wide selections of styles in both chenille and microfiber fabrics, making comparing the two and selecting a preference of your own difficult.

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