Homemade Bubble Bath With Household Ingredients

Updated February 21, 2017

A hot bubble bath can be a relaxing way to unwind after a long, stressful day. While you can purchase bubble bath at most retailers, many contain chemical additives that may irritate or dry the skin. Making your own bubble bath is as simple as combining common household products in an empty toiletry or glass bottle.


Water is the primary ingredient of bubble bath. The amount of water you need for your bubble bath will depend completely on how big a batch you want to make. For a large batch, you will need 4 cups of water. For a smaller batch, 2 cups of water should be sufficient.


The type of soap you use for your bubble bath will depend on your preference. Castile soap, which is derived from olive oil, is used in many bubble bath recipes. Unscented soap flakes may also be used, as can any unscented liquid body soap. The soap is what causes the bubble bath to foam, so the more soap you add, the larger the bubbles you will get when the bubble bath is added to the tub.


Adding oils to your bubble bath will help hydrate and smooth your skin. Coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine and almond oil are several types of oils commonly used in bubble bath. Choose one oil to add to your bubble bath to serve as a moisturiser. You will need to add between 29.6 and 88.7ml. of your chosen oil to your bubble bath, depending on batch size and the recipe you are using.

Essential or Fragrant Oil

Fragrant and essential oils will give your bubble bath a strong smell to help you relax while bathing. You can add any fragrant or essential oil to your bubble bath. Vanilla, raspberry, lavender, rose, strawberry and orange are just a few different types of fragrant and essential oils to choose from. Fragrant and essential oils are very potent-smelling, so you will only need to add a few drops to create a strong scent.

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