God cares for us craft ideas for preschoolers

Updated November 21, 2016

Introduce preschoolers to God and how much he cares for them with simple crafts for your Sunday school toddlers or your own children. Preschoolers may not be able to manage scissors, but most of them can colour and paint, use stickers or stamp designs to make crafts with a lasting message.

God Cares For Me More Than the Birds and Flowers

Read Matthew 6:25-34 to children, in which he tells of how the birds and flowers don't have to worry about anything because God takes care of them. Prepare simple body outlines for the girls and boys. Let the children colour in the hair and eyes to look like themselves. Give the preschoolers cutout articles of clothing to glue onto the pictures. Write "God cares for..." at the top of the picture and write in the child's name.

God's Love Letter To Me

This craft is designed for preschoolers from ages 3 to 5 to teach them that God cares for them. Photocopy Bible verses that mention how much God loves them, such as 1 John 4:19: " We love because he first loved us." Using a heart-shaped stencil or template, have children draw a heart around a Bible verse. They can decorate the other side of the heart with crayons or paint. Write "God's love letter to me" on the back along with the child's name.

Jesus Loves Me Wall Hanging

Print a downloadable "Jesus loves me" template (from Cut out the pieces of the craft. Have the preschoolers colour the heart-shaped pieces with the letters that spell out "love." Alternatively, they can use glitter glue to decorate the pieces. Glue the letters on a 24-inch piece of wide ribbon or construction paper, with the 'L" at the top, then the "o", "v" and the "e" evenly spaced. The children can glue the top piece, a picture of Jesus' face and a sign that says "Jesus loves me" at the top of the ribbon.

"God is Always with Us"

Write out this poem by Carolyn White on coloured construction paper: "This is my snowflake. I made it myself. If it were real, it would quickly melt. It won't be around forever and ever. But there is one thing that won't leave us, no, never. It is God's love for each of us all. He will never leave us. He's there when we call. So if I feel sad or just need a friend, I can always turn to God. On him I can depend." Have the children affix snowflake stickers all around the poem on the paper or stamp snowflakes onto the page.

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