Natural Ways to Get Rid of Tree Roots

When you cut down a tree, the stump of that tree is generally left behind. Even if the stump is removed, the tree's roots may remain underground. As long as the tree roots are not coming up through the ground or you don't want to plant anything in the vicinity, tree roots aren't an issue. If you want to use the ground where the tree roots remain, you must eliminate them. You can do this in a few natural ways.

Knowing the Location of the Roots

The presence of tree roots beneath the ground can be indicated in different ways. When roots begin rot ting below the soil's surface, mushrooms may begin growing, feeding off the decaying wood below. Tree roots may also cause the ground where are located to develop slight slopes, leading to an uneven terrain. If you are not sure where the roots are located, begin where the tree was removed and follow the roots outward from the hole or stump.

Natural Process

Once a tree has been cut down, the stump and roots have no access to sunlight and eventually die on their own. This process can take several years though and is of no use to a landowner who wants to use the ground where the roots are located. If you have the time, the most natural way of getting rid of tree roots is to allow them to decay on their own.

Aid in the Natural Destruction

If you want the tree roots to die on their own but want to get rid of them more quickly, cover the stump or the centre of the ground where the roots live. Black plastic keeps sun and water off the tree stump. Cover the stump and surrounding ground with 10 to 12 inches of mulch. Be careful in preventing sunlight and moisture from reaching the ground, however, because other living plants in the area, such as grass, die as well.

Take the Roots From the Ground

The quickest natural method to get rid of tree roots is to remove them from the ground entirely. One method is digging down to the roots with a shovel, use a saw to chop the roots into smaller pieces and take the pieces out of the ground. Other options include using a stump grinder on the roots or using a backhoe to dig the entire root system up whole. When removing a tree's roots, keep in mind that the roots may stretch 2 to 4 times the size of the crown of the tree that was removed, so fill dirt is necessary.

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