What Is the Difference Between an Alienware & a Regular Computer?

Alienware, owned by Dell, manufactures high-performance luxury computers for gamers and enthusiasts. The range includes both desktops and laptops, and comes fitted with the latest, most expensive hardware components. All of the machines manufactured by Alienware will run much faster than a regular computer and will cope with more media intensive applications (such as top-end gaming titles and demanding video editing software). The current Alienware range can be viewed at

Styling And Price

Part of the Alienware branding is the distinctive look of the laptops and desktops built by the company. Designs typically incorporate a curved black chassis set off with coloured LED lighting. The Alienware alien head badge logo is fixed on each machine. Alienware machines cost substantially more than regular computers due to the custom designs and expensive components (which are usually the most powerful on the consumer market). Alienware's desktop range starts at a price some £455 ahead of Dell's regular PC line-up as of 2011, and can stretch to several thousand dollars more. The price difference between the laptop ranges is similar.


Alienware desktops and laptops come fitted with high-performance hardware components designed to cope with the most demanding tasks at the fastest speeds. The company makes use of the newest processors, RAM modules, hard drives and motherboards on the consumer market -- the specification of any Alienware PC are a long way above and beyond what a normal home user requires. For example, many Alienware computers come with two graphics cards installed rather than just one, and the number of input and output sockets (for audio, video and peripherals) is also more than you would expect to see on a standard PC.


Computers manufactured by Alienware are among the fastest performing on the home PC market. The machines are aimed at gamers wanting the very best framerates at the highest resolutions, and are also targeted at demanding users eager for the best PC performance and using the most intensive applications (like advanced video editing packages). A typical Alienware machine is able to play a new graphically intensive games title at the highest settings and speeds, whereas a regular computer would be unable to start up the program at all.

Expansion, Cooling And Software

Alienware desktops include plenty of expansion space for extra cards, cooling solutions and additional disk drives. Some models come with enhancing passive cooling solutions that use large heatsinks or liquid cooling to keep internal temperatures as low as possible. Alienware laptops are typically very bulky and offer a short battery life because of the demanding power-hungry components installed inside them. While they offer much more power than a regular laptop, they are less portable. Computers in the Alienware range come pre-loaded with diagnostic, overclocking and tuning software but still run Windows and are therefore able to run standard applications as well as games.

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