Curtain ideas for multiple windows

Updated February 21, 2017

Multiple windows, especially if they are placed next to each other, can create unique problems when it comes to choosing curtains or designing window dressings. The key to designing window dressings for multiple windows is simplicity. With many windows in one room, heavy curtains with too much fabric can overwhelm other design elements in the room, like furniture or wall art.


Sheer curtains provide one option for rooms with multiple windows. Sheers are best in neutral colours that match the base colours of the rest of the room. Remember that neutral doesn't always mean white. While sheer white curtains are a classic choice, you can also use butter yellow, pale blue or cream sheer curtains. Warm neutrals like gold and khaki will complement a room done in warm colours like burgundy, and white can be a good neutral colour choice for cool colour schemes like blues or purples. You can give colour accents to neutral sheer curtains by using coloured drapes, tie backs or coloured finials on curtain rods.


Draping creates a source of visual interest for windows, and allows designers to pick up patterns or colours from other design elements in the room. The fabric choice for drapery around windows should match the theme of the room. For example, a Victorian-inspired room can have brocades, lace or striped drapery around windows. For multiple windows, avoid too-bright colours or busy patterns in drapery fabric.


Always measure windows carefully before choosing curtains and drapes. This is especially important with multiple windows because if curtains are too long, the fabric will pool on the floor. Having too much fabric can not only cause people to trip, but it can make a room seem cluttered. Curtains should hang 1 inch above the window sill or floor.


While many people may think that all window dressings on multiple windows have to match, you can create fun designs with different colours. Buy two contrasting colours of curtains like black and white or blue and yellow, and create a striped look by placing one panel of one hue next to a panel of the other hue. Pairing pastels with whites can also create a more subtle striped look.

Curtain Rods

All curtain rods and finials for multiple windows should match to tie the space together. If you have an eclectic or shabby chic design, you can have mismatched finials, but they should at least be the same colour. For a row of windows placed very close together, it might be best to get a custom curtain rod that spans the entire length of the windows, with supports placed along its length.

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