Wood Bark Crafts

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Wood Bark Crafts
Birch trees are notable for their white, paper-like bark. (Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

Using elements of nature for crafts allows you to get back to the very roots of crafting. Whether you are trying to achieve a rustic look or teach your kids more about nature, or you just want to try a new craft, wood bark crafts make an ideal starting point.

Birch Tree Bark Candles

Make woodsy candles using the bark from either red or white beech or birch trees. All you need is a 2-by-16-inch branch from a beech or birch tree, four votive candles with moulds and a drill with a wood-boring bit. Cut the branch into various lengths, and plane the bottoms to allow for a steady base. Drill a hole into the centre of the cut pieces approximately 2 to 3 inches deep. Place the votive candle inside its mould and then into the hole; the candle is ready to light. Various lengths of wood will provide a nice grouping.

Bark Wrapped Flower Pots

Give clay flowerpots a facelift by using tree bark. Collect the bark yourself, or purchase it at crafting stores or online crafting retailers. Thin bark works best for this project, as you'll find it more flexible and easier to handle. Cut the bark into 3- to 4-inch pieces; you'll cut some of these pieces into strips to adhere to the rim of the pot. Wrap the remainder of the bark pieces around the pot, and secure them with hot glue. Overlap the bark pieces to create a more rustic appearance.

Birch Necklaces

The birch necklace is a wood bark craft for both children and adults. Find a fallen or dead birch tree branch. Keeping the wood bark intact, cut the tree branch into several thin slices. Drill a small hole into every birch slice to accommodate a cord for the necklace. Paint and decorate the birch pieces as desired, and allow them to dry. Thread a necklace cord through the drilled hole, and tie in a knot at the end. You can also add wooden or plastic beads to the necklace cord for more decoration. The bark on the outer edges of the cut pieces provides a distinctive rustic look.

Tree Bark Pen Holder

For a wood bark craft suitable for your office or to give as a gift, make a tree bark pen holder. You can make this craft with a glass or ceramic container, tree bark, scissors and wax twine. Find a container that matches up to the height of the bark, or cut the wood bark to fit. Trim the bottom edges of the bark to ensure the container will have a flat surface. Wrap the bark around the container, and secure it by wrapping wax twine around the bark container several times.

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