Poems for friends expecting babies

Updated March 23, 2017

Poems can be a nice sentiment to write or share with friends who are expecting babies. The poems can be simple and may be the perfect complement to a card for a baby shower or pre-arrival celebration with your friends. The poems can show your excitement for the new arrival, as well as the support that you can show your friends in this exciting time in their lives.


You will want to give a poem that will relate to the experience that your friends are having, rather than just a generic pregnancy poem. If your friends know what gender their baby will be, you can write a poem about a baby girl or a baby boy. Also, think about where the baby will be raised, such as by the sea or in the mountains. You can also incorporate colours into your poems. A short example would be the following:

Dave and Erica, your nursery looks perfect in blue

And we know that your little baby boy will think so too.

Good luck on the new arrival to your family

May you all enjoy moments to be spent near the sea.


Use rhyming words to construct a more classic style poem for your friends expecting babies. Think about the words that you want to stand out in the poem and make a list of rhymes that you may be able to incorporate. Here are a few commonly used pregnancy and baby-themed words that can be rhymed: blue and coo; baby and maybe; pink and think; girl and twirl; boy and toy; happy and pappy; tummy and mummy; sweet and treat; cry and lullaby.


There are many ways you can format poems for friends expecting babies. You can create a simple rhyming structure, with words that rhyme in pairs of sentences:

It will be an exciting day

Of course we hope it goes your way.

Little Lyla is sure to be fine

And, like the sun, everyday she will shine.

You can also create more free-form poetry, that does not necessarily rhyme:

My friends,

Your love is beautiful.

Your baby

Will be too,

A bundle that will shine beyond her blanket.

Congratulations my friends.


If you are not comfortable writing a poem on your own, use the Internet or books to find a few poems that you want to share with your friends. Passing on poetry is a nice gift, even if you didn't write it on your own. Make sure to give the author credit at the end of the poem. This poem, by Andra Mccoy, would be an example of one you could give to a friend in a card or read during a baby shower:

Special Day

You're going to have a baby!

That's so wonderful and sweet!

It will be so very magical

When you two finally meet.

I'm very glad you've asked me

To come celebrate with you

And join you at your shower

To have fun the whole day through.

It will be a very special day

For all to come and see

How beautiful you look

As a mother-soon-to-be!

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