Storage ideas for under the stairs

Updated February 21, 2017

Even in the largest of homes, sometimes there is just not enough storage space. Whether you need a place for seasonal items or a space for daily items, closets and attics might not provide the area necessary. The right use of the space under a staircase can relieve household clutter and make an empty space a storage safe haven. The type of stairs present greatly influence the use of the space. Keep the width and height of the area in mind when selecting the right storage idea for a home.

Children's Closet

The hollow space under a staircase is a prime suspect for the creation of an additional closet for the home. Whether a do-it-yourself project or the work of a professional carpenter, the outer walls may be removed and the area framed for walls and a door. This closet may be short in height due to the angle of the stairs, which makes it good for children to hang up jackets and coats. It also provides a place for play items such as roller skates, skateboards and other child-size sports equipment.

Mini Library

For the avid reader, there is often not enough space for a treasured collection of books. The unused space under a staircase may be transformed into a spot just for these homeless items. The uneven ceiling created by the slope of the stairs is not a problem for books of various heights. The space will typically allow for one tall set of shelves along the upper slope, one angled set along the back and a short set along the downward slant of the stairs. If the stairs are wide enough, one shelf may be eliminated to create space for a chair in which to enjoy the books.

A Wall of Drawers

Dresser draws are a convenient way to store items. When closed, they hide the items inside, leaving a clutter-free view. For additional drawers in a home, convert the area under the stairs to a built-in dresser. The traditional angle of staircases lends itself to multiple widths and heights for drawers. A carpenter can plan and frame the area for the inclusion of bureau-type openings along with wide or deep draws. Even the smallest of areas close to the bottom of the stairs may be transformed into draw spaces for little items.

A Game Room

In many households, the living or family room is often home to the clutter of video gaming equipment. Consoles, games and controllers never seem to find their way back to their intended storage space. Use the empty area under a staircase to solve this problem. Frame the area into a small, open room. On the short side, install short shelves to house games. On the tallest wall, install shelves to hold a game monitor or television and the game console. Put down soft padding for the gamer to sit on. A door on the outside hides the game playing and storage area from visitors.

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