Cream-coloured roses with pink tips

Widely considered the most beautiful flower on earth, roses have acquired a range of meanings over the years and have inspired passionate outpourings from poets and romanticists. Historical references to it date back to ancient Mesopotamia. The cream-coloured roses with pink tips are all varieties of the hybrid tea rose.

Names of cream and pink roses

"Esperance" is a bi-coloured rose from Ecuador whose petals are a very light, creamy pink with darker pink tips. The outer petals also have a touch of green. The rose has a very large head that opens into a star-shaped flower and is popular for table centrepieces or flower arrangements and wedding bouquets. "High Arena" is a creamy light pink rose that opens fully into an elegant bloom. "Secret" is a cream and coral pink hybrid tea rose that has a fragrance of spice and fruit.

Meaning of cream and pink roses

White and cream roses denote purity and innocence, and are often used for weddings, christenings and other events involving young women and children. The pink tip adds to the message of femininity and is a symbol of grace and elegance. Roses with varying shades of pink are often given as an expression of admiration, appreciation or joyfulness.

Growing hybrid tea roses

Plant your hybrid tea roses in fertile, free-draining soil. Remove all grass and weeds from the site, digging them out by the roots to ensure that they don't become a problem later. Dig a hole of at least 60 cm (2 feet) deep by 60 cm (2 feet) wide for each individual rose, or prepare the entire bed if you want to plant several roses. Remove any rocks from the soil you dig out, and mix in amendments to improve the nutrient and water-holding capacity. Fertilise with 1 part organic compost for each 2 to 4 parts of topsoil. Create mounds of soil over which to spread the roots of each rose, and fill in the holes by alternating soil mix with water until the holes are full. Mulch generously and water regularly.

Uses for cream and pink roses

Pink-tipped cream roses can be used for flower arrangements and bouquets, for special occasions and simply for your own enjoyment. The petals can be strewn to leave a rose fragrance in a room, or infused with a teabag for a cup of rose-scented tea. Potpourri sachets made from rose petals will leave a lingering fragrance in your wardrobe, or try some of the recipes available for rose honey jelly, candied rose petals and other delicious treats. Use cream roses with pink tips as fresh decorations on a white christening cake.

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