Rainforest Craft Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you are planning a rainforest-themed birthday party or lesson plan for your classroom, children will enjoy hands-on crafts to help them learn about the lush trees, green foliage and colourful animals of the rainforest. Interactive crafts teach the children in an entertaining way while building fine motor skills in young children. Allow children to take home their crafts as mementos of the party or classroom lesson.

Easy Crafts

Create easy crafts for the children by printing several colouring pages of rainforests and animals found in rainforests. Give the children markers and crayon for colouring the pictures. Other ideas include drawing guides for the children to learn to draw different animals and rainforest trees. How-to guides are available online to print. The guides will help the children learn to draw step by step. To make the crafts more durable and last longer, laminate the pictures and drawings for the children before they take them home.

Puzzle Crafts

Print coloured pictures of rainforest animals and scenery on cardstock. Tape the pictures to cardboard and cut them into puzzle pieces. Make fewer pieces for younger children and more pieces for older children. Place each puzzle in a plastic zipper bag and give one puzzle to each child. The children can do their puzzles, take them apart and place them back in their bag to do again. Older children can make their own puzzles. For a variation, get a large rainforest-themed puzzle and have all the children work together to complete the puzzle.

Animal Crafts

Give the children self-hardening clay to use to make their own animals. They can create the entire animal and body or just the face. Print pictures of animals for the children to use as a guide while creating their animals. For another animal craft, give each child a ceramic rainforest animal, such as a snake or a monkey. Small, ceramic animals are available at most craft stores and online. The children can use acrylic paint to paint the animals. Hot-glue a small craft pin or magnet to the back of the animals for the children.

Other Crafts

Children can create their own set of rainforest binoculars. Give each child two empty toilet-paper rolls and have him tape the rolls together. Children can use construction paper to cover the toilet-paper rolls and rainforest-themed stickers, paint, markers and crayons to decorate the binoculars. Attach a long piece of yarn to the binoculars so the children can hang them around their necks. Another idea is a rainforest vine. Each child can cut out pictures of rainforest trees and animals to attach to a long piece of green twine. The children can tape the pictures to the vine and hang the vine in a classroom.

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