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Updated May 10, 2017

Posters are commonly used in school for projects, presentations and other classroom activities. Board for making posters comes in a variety of colours, including black, white, and both neon and basic versions of colours such as red, blue, green, orange and yellow. While colour adds personality and interest to posters, you may want to get more creative with your poster to make it stand out from the crowd. To do so, try several creative things you can do to spruce up your board.

Get Creative with Your Letters

Instead of using large stickers shaped like letters or drawing them yourself, try cutting your letters out of eye-catching or creative materials. For instance, purchase several patterned pieces of paper at your local craft store. Patterns may include polka dots, stripes or animal prints or feature a textured design that's noticeable. Placing these on the board with a simple background will make the letters stand out to your audience. For added emphasis, try cutting letters out of craft foam. Foam comes in small flat sheets and in numerous colours. Cut out your letters with scissors and adhere to the board with glue or tape.

Use Borders

Borders can add interest, as they can provide an accent colour or an additional pattern. You can also use them to continue the theme of the poster. For instance, if you have a poster relating to music, try finding a border at the craft store that features music staffs or musical notes. If your poster is about spring events, find a border with a floral print. Adhere borders using glue or tape. If you can't find pre-made borders, try cutting craft paper into strips of the same width and glue or tape them around the outer edge of the poster board. For more crafty borders, try sequins, glitter or pom-pom balls. All of these can be adhered with glue.

Use Backgrounds

Instead of keeping your poster's background the same colour it was when you bought it, give it a new look with a background. You can do this by gluing, taping or stapling fabric to the board or adhering to the board sheets of craft paper with different designs. These can be basic colours -- such as red, green and blue -- that allow a busy content to stay clean, or they can be patterned paper -- such as clouds, swirls or stripes -- that lend more interest or emphasise the theme of the poster. For instance, if your poster is about Spanish weather terms, try craft paper with a cloud pattern. If the poster is about ocean animals, try craft paper with water themes.

Get Scenic

Set a scene for your poster board instead of having your content placed randomly across the board. For instance, if your board is about the history of Ancient Greece or any other civilisation, create a scene that spans the entire front of a poster board and includes drawings or images of famous buildings in that civilisation. You can also include images or drawings of what people would have looked like back then and an idea of the landscape of the region.

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