Victorian Dormer Styles

Updated April 17, 2017

Dormer windows add a touch of elegance to a home, plus a visual journey back to the plush Victorian era. Dormer windows are designed to jut out from the original roof of the structure. There are several styles of dormer windows to complement different styles of houses. Whichever style you choose, first check code requirements in your area about adding dormer windows. If adding dormer windows, plan your budget carefully. Even though they range in cost, many dormer windows can be on the pricey side.

Shed Dormer Styles

Shed-style dormer windows are good on one-story houses that need a break in the roofline and some visual interest. They are characterised by having a roof that slopes in the same direction of the house roof in which the dormer window is located. Shed-style dormer windows can add light, headroom and style to what might be an otherwise boring exterior. Shed dormer windows generally cost about 40 per cent less than gabled dormer windows that use similar materials.

Gable Dormer Styles

Gable dormer windows add extra elegance to Victorian houses, which are usually more than one story. Gable dormers protrude from the second floor of a house, almost like a little stand-alone cottage or room. A flowerbox planter added below the window provides a touch of colour and ties in with the landscaping below.

Hipped Dormer Styles

A hipped dormer window works especially well on houses where the attics have been remodelled and more light is needed. They have a small roof that matches the existing roof framing the window. This makes them look like they were part of the original structure. Hipped dormers have three sloping planes that meet at the top.

Financial Details

Fees vary quite a bit, but typically, architects charge £32 to £97 for a consultation. They may also charge 5 to 20 per cent of the project's cost. General contractors charge similar fees if they are asked to create drawings and obtain building permits from your local building department. You can save some cash by getting the building permit yourself. The cost of the entire job depends on the number of windows, the steepness of the roof, and the quality of the materials used. For exterior construction, cost estimates range from £1,625 to £13,000. Interior finishing work costs extra.

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