Octopus Balloon Crafts

Written by stephanie kelley
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Octopus Balloon Crafts
An octopus cannot hear, but has very good eyesight. (Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Use octopus balloon crafts to enhance learning. The word "octopus" means "eight legs." They are good symbols to use when teaching counting to young children or to teach children one of the sounds the letter "O" makes. Use octopus balloon crafts for an ocean-themed party or room decor.

Twisted Balloon Octopus

Use twisted balloon octopus crafts to delight children at an ocean-themed birthday party. Start by using a pump to fill four long, thin balloons (available at party supply stores). Leave about a 1-inch area that is not inflated. Bend one balloon in half and make a twist about 3 inches down from the bend. This will create a loop that will be the octopus' body. Bend another balloon in the same way creating a 1-inch loop. Twist the two balloons together so the 3-inch loop is on top and the 1-inch loop is on the bottom. Fold the other two balloons in half and twist them onto the octopus to create four legs. The tails from the first two balloons form the other four legs to make eight total legs.

Add googly eyes or draw eyes onto the balloon with a permanent marker. You can also draw a smiling mouth with a marker to create a friendly-looking octopus.

Papier Mache Crafts

Create a papier mache octopus to use as an ocean-themed decoration. Create a mixture of white craft clue, flour and water. Blow up a round balloon. Dip strips of newspaper into the mix, and cover the balloon. Let the balloon dry and paint the octopus body the desired colour; add eight crepe-paper legs and googly eyes to create the octopus. Set the octopus on a table for decoration.

Another way to use the papier mache octopus is to turn it into a pinata. Make the body of the octopus, and after it has dried, cut a hole in the top, pop the balloon inside, and fill the octopus with candy and other goodies. Cover the hole with papier mache, paint the octopus and add eyes and legs to finish the pinata.

Poster Board Octopus Craft

Create poster board and balloon octopus crafts to enhance a lesson plan on the ocean or just for fun. Cut a circle out of poster board. Cut a slit in the centre of the poster board. Cut eight legs out of poster board and add the legs to the octopus. Blow up a round balloon, tie it and put the tie through the slit in the poster board. Draw eyes on the balloon to create an octopus.

You can use streamers or ribbons as legs instead of cutting poster board legs.

Other Balloon Crafts

There are many ways to create a balloon octopus craft. Blow up a round balloon so there is just a little bit of air in it to create a small ball. Turn the balloon so the tie is on top. Attach eight strings to the bottom of the balloon with tape. Cut drinking straws into smaller lengths and thread them onto the string. Tie a bead at the end to prevent the straws from falling off. Tape buttons to the balloon to create eyes, and draw a smile on the octopus. Attach a piece of elastic to the tie of the balloon. Hold the elastic in your hand and make the octopus dance.

Another way to create an octopus balloon is to simply draw an octopus image onto an inflated balloon. Use the balloon as a decoration for an ocean-themed party.

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