Curtain Ideas for Tall, Narrow Windows

Updated February 21, 2017

Choosing the curtains for your room decor becomes a challenge when you have unusually tall or narrow windows. The fabric, colours and dimensions that you choose for the curtains can create the illusion of a wider window. When you have tall and narrow windows to contend with, the style you opt for can add an elegant and luxurious element to the room decor


The best approach to an exceptionally tall window is to hang curtains or drapes that fall from the very top, at the ceiling, all the way to the floor. Hanging a curtain that fits the size of the window perfectly will actually accentuate its unusual length by calling attention to it. A visitor's eye naturally goes to where the curtain drapes and stops. With a floor to ceiling length, the visitor is not able to tell where the window starts and stops.

Disguising the Width

Tall windows that are also narrow create another challenge when hanging drapes. Hang the curtain rod wider than the width of the window to leave as much of the glass exposed as possible. With wider curtain rods and curtains, you will create the illusion of a wider window.


Sheer silk and other fabrics that flow loosely offer a dramatic touch for floor to ceiling curtains on a tall window. Choose colours and patterns that coordinate with the rest of the room's decor But for an elegant formal room, look for a heavy fabric such as velvet or brocade to cover the windows. Floor to ceiling velvet drapes will have a striking effect in the room.


Layering the curtains can give narrow windows a fuller appearance as well. When layering the curtains, use two different shades so the chosen fabrics create a lush and full look. When tying back the curtains, pull back both layers to the side for a stunning effect.

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