Ideas for after church refreshments

Updated November 21, 2016

After the church service is a perfect time for a fellowship hour. Churches often have a committee to organise who will bring refreshments for each week. Keep the menu simple by providing finger foods requiring only a napkin or a small plate underneath. This allows parishioners to talk to each other while grabbing a quick snack.

Traditional Cookies and Punch

The most common after-church refreshment is also the simplest one to prepare. It only requires store-bought cookies and a simple punch. Some cookie selections include oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and sandwich cookies. A punch of lemon-lime soda, fruit juice and sherbet is easy to put together and easy to serve.

Sweet Rolls and Coffee

Buying sweet rolls, coffee cakes and doughnuts to serve after church is very convenient. It is possible to cut coffee cakes and extra large doughnuts into smaller pieces, making it convenient for people to take away bite size portions. Coffee can be made before the service, and apple juice is great for kids.

Cheese and Fruit

Pre-made trays with cheese cubes and cut fruit can be mixed together. It is also possible to buy packages of cheese that have been cubed or sliced in squares to place on crackers. Fruit that is served with this are sliced apples, grapes and pears. Adults will appreciate coffee or tea while the kids will enjoy lemonade or apple juice to drink.

Special Occasions

A sheet cake makes the reception time more special. This is especially fitting if the service included a baptismal or a welcoming of new members. The half chocolate/half vanilla cake is suitable for this mingling time. Coffee and juice are very appropriate drink choices. Bowls of mix nuts provide a salty balance to the sweetness of the cake.

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