Dog Sling Techniques

Updated March 21, 2017

Sometimes when dogs are injured or must have surgery to correct an issue with their legs or feet, it can make mobility difficult for a few weeks or months while the dog heals. During this time, it is important for your pup to get plenty of rest and to follow your vet's instructions, however you can also help them by providing support slings when mobility is necessary or as they begin to gain strength.

The Non-Walking Sling

If you have a small dog that should not be walking at all, you can easily create a pet sling that will attach your puppy to you. It can thus enjoy the benefits of getting out, while helping his injuries heal. You can purchase these slings at many pet stores, or you can make one yourself. Simply take a large bolt of fabric and sling it across your body, tying it at the shoulder. Your dog can then go in the area next to your opposite hip.

Front Sling

Front slings go over your dog's chest. These function like a harness leash, but add some extra support for your dog. While you walk it, you can help stabilise it by pulling the harness up. This will help the dog's front legs heal after an injury or surgery. However, wearing this harness should only be done after a certain amount of healing has been done, as determined by your veterinarian. You can make a sling like this yourself by taking a bolt of fabric and cutting out holes for your dog's front legs. Use the top of the sling to support its front legs as it walks.

Middle Sling

A middle sling goes over the dog's abdomen and can support it after an injury to either his front or back legs. These slings will make walking easier and can easily be purchased at most pet stores. You can also make a sling like this yourself by taking fabric or an old pillow case and placing it underneath your dog's middle. Hold the top of it while your dog walks to give it some added support. This kind of sling also works well for dogs who have suffered a back injury and need extra support.

Back Sling

A hind legs sling works for dogs who need extra support for their hind quarters or after a lower back injury. Lower back and hind leg slings are available at most pet stores. Like the other slings, you can make one yourself by using fabric or an old pillow case and cutting out room for your dog's feet and holding the top of it for support. Special harnesses made my pet companies will allow the dog to "do its business" while wearing the sling.

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