Ideas for an Ironman Cake

Updated April 17, 2017

Iron Man is a popular superhero with a metallic, high-tech suit that can fly and fire powerful projectiles. The bright red and yellow colour scheme and stylised mask of Iron Man's suit make him a relatively easy superhero to represent on a birthday cake. Whether you're looking for a simple superhero cake or serious shock-and-awe, Iron Man is a sure winner for a superhero birthday party.

Frosted Cakes

The simplest approach is to frost a regular birthday cake with an image of Iron Man. Use red and yellow frosting to create Iron Man's stylised mask with white frosting or aluminium foil for his eyes and black or brown frosting to draw the lines. If you're feeling ambitious, you can draw Iron Man's whole body in a flying, fighting or standing pose.

Shaped Cakes

Another possibility is to cut a flat cake into the shape of Iron Man's head or torso or Iron Man in a simple pose. Cut around the edges of a large, rectangular cake to form the head and neck, then use the small pieces to form Iron Man's shoulders. Or cut a triangle from the centre of the short end to the far corner, form one big triangle, and carve or frost it to resemble Iron Man in flight.

3-D Cakes

To create a cake bust of Iron Man, use round cake quarters and halves for the shoulders and upper body, respectively. To form the head, bake or cut two hemispherical cakes in ovenproof bowls, stick them together with frosting on the flat sides, and carve the resulting sphere into the shape of Iron Man's head. Alternately, mould caramel popcorn or crispy rice treats to shape the head and decorate it with fondant.

The Extra Mile

To really wow your partygoers, you can simulate the glowing power generator in the centre of Iron Man's chest by cutting out a round piece of cake in Iron Man's chest and replacing it with a circular press-top night light. If necessary, put a clean empty tuna can or other round, hard object underneath the light so that its top is flush with the surface of the cake.

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