Products to Stop Peeling Paint

Updated April 17, 2017

Scraping loose paint is an arduous but necessary part of successfully repainting a surface and avoiding peeling paint in the future. If neglected, loose paint chips break free and ruin a painted surface. Even after vigorous scraping, removing every single loose paint chip is not always possible. However, certain paints and primers on the market are formulated to keep scraped paint intact.

Zinsser Peel Stop Binding Sealer

Peel Stop is a water-based binding sealer made by the Zinsser company. Peel Stop is formulated to prevent paint from peeling underneath a new paint finish. The product contains a glue that binds the edges of loose paint chips to the substrate. The sealer is applied on interior and exterior surfaces with a paintbrush, paint roller or sprayer. Use Peel Stop to prime and seal bare wood before painting. This product prevents stains and tannin from bleeding through the top coat of paint.

Penetrol Oil-Based Paint Additive

Penetrol is an oil-based paint additive made by the Flood company. Penetrol enhances the adhesion of oil-based paint, which prevents paint from peeling. This product is alkyd-based and recommended for exterior use with oil-based paints only.

For maximum protection against rust and peeling paint, add Penetrol to oil-based primer. When added to primer, Penetrol deeply penetrates wood and metal, promoting a stronger bond. The Penetrol additive is not a paint thinner and it does not alter the viscosity or the colour of paint.

Duration Exterior Paint

Duration is a top-rated exterior paint made by the Sherwin Williams company. Duration is acrylic-based and contains polymers, which allow the paint to flex over wood without peeling or cracking. The gluey consistency of Duration also helps keep old scraped paint in place and prevents the chips from loosening. This paint is pricey, but the long-term protection against peeling paint outweighs the expense. Duration is self-priming when painted on old paint, eliminating the need for a separate primer.

Mad Dog Primer

Mad Dog water-based primer is a sticky clear coating designed to stop peeling paint on scraped surfaces. The versatility of Mad Dog allows the primer to be used on stucco, wood, metal and concrete. Mad Dog primer is intended for interior use only. This primer not only stops peeling paint, but also seals the surface to prevent bleed-through from sap, tannin or water marks underneath. In addition, Mad Dog primer seals in rusty metal, eliminating the formation of rust from oxidation.

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